Spyder Grypz are the perfect lacrosse grip to assist you with faster, more accurate shots and plays!  These brand new lacrosse grips feature superior comfort, style and all-weather performance unlike any other grip on the market.

Get A Grip!

The perfect match for your stick.

        Spyder Grypz is...

      Ultra Lightweight.

    High performing and Durable. (Will last months)

Maintains a comfortable grip during rain and the most punishing conditions. (Unlike tape)

Will mold to the features and shape of your stick unlike tape, lizard skins etc.

Can be removed whenever you want it removed.  There will be no damage to your stick.


What athletes are saying about Spyder Grypz:

No, these are not staged, these athletes simply love our grip!

I’m a fan... This (Spyder Grypz) is a good one, this one’s a winner... Neat stuff, fun to apply... I really like the way it feels.
— Tom Ledin, "RedStarLacrosse"
These changed my game complete. As a goalie I need a good hand grip, and it improves my grip so much while withstanding all the toughness of my position!
— "Chief Forever" (Instagram)
Works really well on both boys and girls sticks.👌 Spyder Grypz is outstanding for any position and are way better than tape and buttendz which both rip really easily.
— Micaela S.
I’ve never shot faster in my life! Spyder Grypz is amazing and well worth my money!
— Quinn Springstead
Honestly the best grip I’ve ever used in my 7 years of playing, it works in all conditions, heat, rain, snow, anything you can think of. I recommend Spyder Grypz to everyone of all ages! Better than tape and better than no tape!
— Sean from Starz
It’s Amazing, the rings help me know where my hand is and is way better than regular tape... great for face-offs.
— Ethan Baydo

What comes in each Spyder Grypz kit?

  • 12 inches of whatever color you choose.  5 inches of each color for Rainbow Fusion.
  • 3 Power Rings
  • 1 Spyder Grypz helmet sticker. 
  • Spyder Grypz card for recommending to friends.
  • Promo code for 20% off your next order.
  • Instruction manual for applying Spyder Grypz to your stick.

Get A Grip!

Spyder Grypz is made with the athlete in mind—at all levels of play.  Every batch is hand tested to ensure it's optimal performance.