What is your return policy?

 No risk!  You can return Spyder Grypz anytime up to one month after purchase for store credit.  Shipping is absorbed by customer.  The Spyder Grypz must be ripped, torn, or damaged from playing lacrosse.  (Spyder Grypz is crafted with durable polyolefin fibers and will lasts months.  It is rare for it to be damaged right off the back but is indeed prone to normal wear and tear.)

What are your shipping policies?

Shipping costs only $2.99 and 50 cents for each additional grip.  Mail is delivered first class, retail orders are shipped via USPS Priority.  We can now ship to Canada as well.  We know that practices and games often come up very soon and we want you to be as best prepared as possible, as soon as possible!  You will receive a tracking number so you that can view where your Spyder Grypz is and how long it will take to get to you!

I really like the grips.  How can I sell Spyder Grypz in my store?

We are always looking to get Spyder Grypz in retail or online stores!  Please email us at maxx@spydergrypz.com.


Do you do sponsorhips or accept brand ambassadors?

Yes!  If you have a large influence in the lacrosse community (Large social media sites, high level lacrosse player) then we would be willing to sponsor or accept you as a Brand Ambassador!  You will create more product awareness of Spyder Grypz and cool gear will be available for you..


Can you Ship to Canada?

Yes.  We have shipping options to both the USA and Canada.   


Is Spyder Grypz legal and viable for both boys and girls leagues?

Yes.  Spyder Grypz is 100% viable and legal for both boys leagues and girls leagues including the pro, collegiate, high school, middle school,  and lower levels of play.


How can I get some Spyder Grypz for my stick?

To order a kit of Spyder Grypz simply view the "Shop Grips!" sections of our website.  From there you can place your order and pay using a credit card number.


How do I install the grip on to my shaft?

When applying Spyder Grypz to your stick you will need either a heat gun or a strong hair dryer.  The heat gun accomplishes the job much more quickly and efficiently.   However a hot enough hair dryer is applicable as well.  Follow the step by step instructions included on you instruction manual.  If one is lost, please email us, maxx@spydergrypz.com,  and we will send you a new one!  Note:  Do not put heat source closer then 4 inches away or you run risk of fire or burning your grip.  It generally takes 7 minutes to apply the grip using a heat gun and 15-20 minutes to apply the grip using a hair dryer.  If you are having trouble, please email us and we will help you out.


Does Spyder Grypz work on D-Poles?

Yes!  Spyder Grypz works GREAT on D-Poles!  The reason why is because defensemen need a good grip at the bottom of their shafts for delivering strong poke checks and to create more power through a better grip. Many defensemen have purchased Spyder Grypz, and they all love it!  Read a common example below.

Ryan McDaid (Defender):  "I want to thank you for having an amazing product! I am glad to be a customer of yours; your quality product, Spyder Grypz, has improved my performance on both the Starz & Tiger teams I play on by allowing me to maintain a secure hold and control of my lacrosse stick.  I look forward to being a repeat customer in the future!    Spyder Grypz improves my performance no matter what team I am playing for: the product is game changing.  I will give your product a rating of 10 out of 10!"

       Sincerely,   Ryan McDaid.



Have a Question?

Email us at maxx@spydergrypz.com.  Thank you!


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