2018 Reflection

What’s up laxers! Quick reflection on our year so far. Limited edition colors, LaxCon, and record breaking tournaments made 2018 HUGE for us. Spyder Grypz has grown in every way imaginable since I started this company as just a small idea 3 short years ago in 8th grade.

Our most popular color, Arctic White (limited edition btw) has had colossal success and we are already running low on stock on what seemed to be a giant stockpile originally. We also attended LaxCon and set up a booth with our good friends at LumberLax. It was super cool to meet new people and connect with other lacrosse start ups and big names. Will we attend next years LaxCon in Philadelphia??? Only the future will know. We also set up booths at three big tournaments in Seattle, Washington, these being the South Sound Summer Slam, Summer Solstice, and Space Needle Shootout!

We have had unbelievable support from my Bellarmine High School community and South Sound Lacrosse laxers. You all make up a big part on why I continue the business that I have grown to appreciate so greatly!

Maxx Stewart

Spyder Grypz Lacrosse!!!

Spyder Grypz is a new, revolutionary lacrosse grip that has been testified to provide a comfortable grip (not too grippy and not too slick) while also maintaining an ultra lightweight durability and endless customization.

There are currently professional lacrosse players that use Spyder Grypz including Ryan Brown, Deemer Class, and Jake Berndheart!!!

All in all, Spyder Grypz is the MOST ADVANCED lacrosse grip on the market. Invest now at the “Buy Grips!” Tag.  Stay tuned for blog posts in the future concerning new ideas, partnerships, products etc.